Aufruf zu bundesweitem Aktionstag// CallOut for nationwide Action Day in September/ Oktober 2015

Fühlt euch dazu eingeladen/ Feel invited to:

  • Aktionstag in einer Stadt organisieren/ organize action day in a city
  • Ein Datum für den Aktionstag auswählen/ choose a date for the Action Day
  • Teil zu nehmen/ become part of it
  • Menschen einzuladen, Aufruf weiterverbreiten/ spread it
  • Aufruf zu übersetzen/ translate it

[english belwo]

Bundesweiter Aufruf zu Aktionen, Infoveranstaltungen, Demos und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit am XX September/Oktober!

***Die Punkte sind kurz gehalten. Die Hyperlinks führen zu ausführlicheren Erklärungen****

Wie werden Geflüchtete bis jetzt in Deutschland willkommen geheißen?

  • durch klatschen und Luftballons am Bahnhof
  • durch ehrenamtliches Engagement und wenige Beratungsstellen

Wie werden Flüchtlinge bis jetzt in Deutschland abgewiesen und terrorisiert?


Wir sprechen uns dafür aus, all die oben genannten menschenverachtenden Praktiken abzuschaffen. Wir wollen die Phrase der Willkommenskultur Realität werden lassen. Wie? Hier ein paar Vorschläge:

Für ein transnationales Zusammenleben – Gegen Nazis sowie staatlichen und bürgerlichen Rassismus

Wo wir geboren werden, kann sich kein Mensch aussuchen. Wo Menschen hinwollen, muss ein bedingungsloses Grundrecht werden!

Freedom of Movement! Freedom from Wars! Kein Mensch ist illegal!



Wenn irgendwer das gleiche Gefühl und die Meinung dieses Aufrufs teilt, leite er*sie den Aufruf bitte weiter, damit wir einen Termin für den Aktionstag finden können.

Unser Vorschlag – EIN Tag vom WE 23./24./25.10 oder WE 30./31.10./1.11. – Bitte meldet eure Präferenz an uns zurück, der Tag mit den meisten Zustimmungen wird dann bekannt gegeben →

Ihr habt Anregungen, schreibt uns via

Falls ihr euch in den Städten koordinieren möchtet (Wo? Was? Wann?…), könnt ihr dieses Pad nutzen

Selbstverständlich seid ihr auch eingeladen, mit einem eigenen Aufruf zum gemeinsamen Aktionstag zu mobilisieren!

Eine andere Idee ist es auch, eine gemeinsame Presseerklärung rauszugeben, Vorschläge für eine Presseerklärung sollen ohne Vermerk der Gruppenzugehörigkeit → Wir wollen einen Minimalkonses! – auf das Piratenpad gepostet werden (dort kann von anderen Gruppen zugestimmt werden):


Nationwide callout for actions, infoevents, demonstrations and public relations on the XX of October

***The Points are short. The hyperlinks bring you to pages which explain it more in detail***

How are refugees welcomed in Germany till now?

  • with ovations and balloons at the train station
  • with a few good places of counseling and voluntary commitments

How are refugees rejected or terrorized till now in Germany?

  • More than 350 blaze attacks and assaults only in 2015 on refugees and housings in which they have to live!
  • Rejection of asylum.
  • Specialcamp in Manching and Bamberg. In the past there was this so called “Zigeunerlager” (Gypsicamp) in Nazi Germany. Today there is this Specialcamp with deportation airport for Refugees from the south-eastern Europe!
  • Restrictive Asylum laws, like non-cash principle, “Residenzpflicht” (no freedom of movement inside Germany which in some cases still exists), force to stay in camp, etc.
  • Deportation of people into a country which is for example reigned by terror like Pakistan or to countries where people are persecuted by Neonazis, like Roma and other minorities in the south-eastern Europe.
  • Illegal border controls and so called border protection force fleeing people on live-threatening and deadly routes
  • German weapon supplies in countries of origin of refugees which light war, murder, rape and torture
  • Faked separation of economic and political refugees. Every flight is fucked up and tears people out of their networks and families. Politics and economy are connected inseparable in this world. So how can refugees be either political or economic?

We demand to abolish all the inhuman practices. We want the phrase of the “Welcoming Culture” to become reality. How? Here a few proposals:

  • Join and organize events and political actions of attention for the topic.
  • Talk in your circles about this topic, use your position in public and at your job to speak out for a right to stay!
  • Write about reality. Investigate and explain.
  • Overcome your barriers. Get in contact an offer your support to translate documents and get to know people.
  • Stop the profit with the export of weapons! Stop therefore the destruction of those countries. As long we don’t do anything against it or support it, we are responsible for war, this means for murder, terror and rape as a torture method in wars.
  • Stop the vehement exploitation in the global south! -> No trade agreements and pretended development aids which take down the infrastructures and self-organization of the municipalities and countries on site.
  • Abolish the camp-like accumulative housings for Refugees!
  • Stop the worsening of the new asylum law!
  • Your neighbor threatens deportation? Make her stay!
  • People need German lessons because Germany is not allowing them? Talk with them!
  • Face Pegida and others!
  • Say NO to the dying in the Mediterranean sea. That means say YES to open borders. Closed borders are always leading to sorrow and death of humans!
  • Help people fleeing!
  • Educate yourself! Visit lectures and workshops with the topic of racism.
  • Employ migrants and refugees in your business!
  • Invite them to live with you in your living community.
  • Learn from refugees! Language, life-experience, and so on.
  • Let refugees live in private flats, learn at schools and universities and work on the job market without condition here in Germany.

For a transnational living together- Against Nazis, governmental and civil racism

Where somebody is born, nobody can choose. Where somebody wants to go has to become an unconditioned basic law!

Freedom of Movement! Freedom from Wars! No one is illegal!



If anyone shares the same feeling and the opinion of this callout, please forward this idea and spread the news, so that we can talk about and find a date for the Day of Action.
Our proposal – a day from the weekend of 23./24./25.10 or 30 / 31.10 /. 1.11. – Please communicate your preference back to us, the day with the most votes will be announced ->
You want to comment something? Write us via refugeeswelcomeaberauch@gmail.comIf you want to coordinate a bit your actions in one city (when more groups in one city take part: Where? What? What time?) you can use the pad: course you are invited to do your own callout for the one common action day.
Another idea is also to give out a joint press statement, proposals for a press statement can be posted (without the group name → We want a minimum of consens!) on the Piratenpad (there other groups can read it and agree or not):

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